COVID-19 Response
March 2020 - Ongoing
With such a key focus and reliance on technology around the world currently with the pandemic, we understand the need to ensure that all of our community have the same access to learning whether in school or at home. Working closely with school management and teachers we have been able to provide a full blended learning experience with recorded content loaded daily onto our website along with live lessons and work assignments being managed through out custom Microsoft Teams learning platform. We have also been able to provide over 62 families with devices during the UK lockdown at the start of 2021 and are constantly working to provide more and more children with a better online learning experience.

As part of our vision to go cloud based with Microsoft, we have been able to get two members of staff fully certified with the Microsoft Innovative Educator Program. Through this we have been able to provide high quality training to over 200 external school members on different aspects of home learning, cloud based working and the Microsoft 365 Platform. We are constantly striving to ensure that we can keep working with schools to provide the best development opportunities for staff to allow everyone to have a better experience with technology and learning.
Microsoft Training
December 2020 - Ongoing

All Saints' E-Forms and Finance Portal
June 2020 - Ongoing
As like most schools, All Saints' uses a lot of paper for various different forms for ordering, leave of absence, overtime, return to work and many more. Due to this and the current concern around the COVID-19 transmission we have worked to migrate the way in which the forms are completed by create a bespoke business portal hosted in SharePoint. Through this portal we are also able to build in unique and custom solutions to manage BACs and credit card payments which are able to run fully automatically. We have also build in an compliant audit system which has been viewed and approved by the local authority financial audit team to provide full transparency and tracking of ALL finance actions.

Our cloud project is so far one of the biggest projects we have ran. Working with all school staff and pupils to migrate to a fully custom Microsoft O365 platform with all laptops connecting to an Azure AD domain with Microsoft Intune device management. This projects was started due to wanting to find a new open platform to work on which would increase the over all accessibility and collaboration for school students and staff.

All Saints' Cloud Project
October 2019 - September 2021

Fire Alarm Wireless Link
December 2020
Due to our new build having a separate fire alarm system installed, we needed to develop a way to have it linked to our main school alarm system so that they would both sound if either were to be activated. We researched and looked into a number of different options before working with our fire & security provider to plan and install a wireless link system to communicate between the two systems.

Working as part of the project team, we were responsible for designing, sourcing and implementing a new network within the new build. This network was required to link directly into our existing school domain, this was achieve with over 50 meters of fibre cable laid through the school ceiling and cable tracks before heading out into the service trench which had been laid in the playground. The new build network consist over over 25 new data network points, a new Aruba wireless solution, a new Aruba core switch, a new CleverTouch interactive screen, a Dell all in one PC and Polycom VoIP phone creating a new subnetwork within the huge All Saints' site. 
All Saints' New Build and Network
April - September 2020

All Saints' Website Redesign
August 2020
The school website had been in place for over 5 years and with an ever more increasing demand on schools website for providing remote home learning we worked with school management to design a bespoke site which is managed fully in house. With the site being built on a brand new management system, we are able to design and add features as we wish, giving us greater flexibility to adapt and provide the best website solution to the school and it's community. 

After the success of the All saints' phone migration we started to work closely with another school within the city to provide them with the same solution. With only 2 lines coming into the school it caused huge issues as out of their 6 office phones, only 2 could be live at once. They decided it was time to make the jump to VoIP. 6 brand new Polycom handsets running on VoIP phone system allowed the school to have full access of all phones at the same time. The school no longer has calls where they can hear the other conversation happening from the other phone, neither do they have to wait for one of the two lines to become available. Furthermore, with the new Auto Attendant feature this has improved the schools ability to expand and add different options/functions to the system to greater increase the usability but also the service they are able to provide to their community.External - New VoIP Phone System
May 2019

New VoIP Phone System
April 2019
All Saints' had a very dated and simple phone system which did the job but was showing it's age. A decision was made to look for a new and better system which would provide a firm, high quality service to the school. After 3 months of meetings and testing systems we settled on a hosted VoIP system with PolyCom VX411 handsets. The system would run over the schools dedicated leased fibre connection meaning that it would add a greater option for versatility in the future with office staff being able to work externally. It would also provide greater room for expansion, future proofing the system and allowing a wider range of options over the coming years.

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