All Saints' Cloud is our brand new way of working here at All Saints' Primary School. Built on the Microsoft O365 platform, this will be the new way to access all teaching and learning both onsite and at home. All pupils, members of staff and governors have access to the platform. 

How to access

1) There are currently two ways to access the platform. These are by heading to the school website and clicking the All Saints' Cloud link under either the 'Home Learning' or 'IT Support' tab. Or you can access by heading to

This links will then direct you towards the Microsoft Login page.

(Image Above: Microsoft Login Screen)

2) Once you arrive at the login screen. Please enter your school email address. 

    Pupils: This can be located in the front of your reading records or please ask your teacher.

    Teachers: This can either be your pupil or private staff email account

After you have entered your email address please click on 'Next'.

(Image Above: All Saints' Cloud Login Screen)

3) After clicking 'Next', you will be presented with the All Saints' Cloud login screen pictured above. From here you will need to enter the password for your school email account and then click on 'Sign In'.

Please note: If you are not presented with the branded All Saints' Cloud login screen, you may have entered your email address in incorrectly or are using an incorrect link.

(Image Above: All Saints' Cloud Sign in Screen)

4) Once you have entered your password and clicked on 'Sign in' you will then be presented with the screen above which is asking you to confirm if you would like to remain signed into your account. We recommend clicking 'No' here just to ensure that should your device be accessed by someone else, that they won't be able to access your school account and potentially access our cloud network.

(Image Above: All Saints' Cloud O365 Screen)

5) Once confirmed whether or not to stay signed into your account. You will then be brought to the O365 landing page of the cloud network. This is where you can access all of your documents and files via OneDrive, have full access to the Microsoft Online software suite to create/complete work, have access to your school emails* and much, much more. 

Should you have any questions or need any assistance with your school account. Please log a helpdesk ticket.

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