For remote support we have a number of options available to us. Please select one of the following methods

Quick Assist

Quick Assist is built into all of our windows 10 and cloud based devices and is the primary way of providing quick remote support to our community. To access quick assist:

  1. Open the start menu and start typing 'Quick Assist'. One located click to open the software.
  2. Once loaded your technician will give you a 6 digit security code to enter into the 'Get Assistance' box
  3. If you are presented with a screen requesting permission to share screen. Please click on Yes.

Your technician will then take control of your device and start working with you to resolve your issues.


To access the Team Viewer support, please click on the download link below to install our TeamViewer client app. Once this has been installed please provide your ID to your technician.

Click Here To Download

NetSupport DNA

For school devices that have currently not been migrated across to our cloud platform, we may be able to provide remote support via our NetSupport DNA platform. You technician will inform you if your device is elidable for the form of remote support. You will not need to download or provide any information for this form of remote support.

If you require any form of remote support please log a ticket via the helpdesk and we will arrange a call back with you to get your issues resolved.

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